Tim Dosé Art

Block-in workshop

Supply list


Really any paper around A4 or 8.5×11″ will work for this workshop! I’d recommend any cheap paper you don’t mind drawing on. I use just printer paper or cheap sketchbook paper.


Any HB, F, or H pencil you like drawing with. Even a #2 pencil works!


A kneaded eraser

Optional: A pen-style eraser like the Tombow Mono Zero Round

Measuring tool

Anything long and straight will do. Try a few different things and see what you like. Some ideas:

  • Knitting needle
  • Skewer
  • The pencil you’re drawing with
  • Ruler
  • String

A ruler or other straightedge for drawing straight lines


Any drawing board will do—or even a clipboard!

Printer (optional)

A printer isn’t necessary, but will be helpful for printing out worksheets.