Tim Dosé Art


We\’ll start with some absolute basics. If you have experience we may skip over some basics. Whatever your level, we\’ll find the right place to start.

We\’ll also work on drawing for a long time. If you\’re interested, we can move on to painting later.

The short-term goal of these classes is to learn to draw things realistically. But the longer-term goal is to give you the foundation and freedom to make whatever you want. There are all kinds of art, and all of it is wonderful. But if you\’re interested in learning concrete skills to draw realistically, studying with me is a good place to start.

Sculptural drawing

I like to call what I\’m teaching \”sculptural drawing\”. The goal of sculptural drawing is not to make something that looks like a photo. The goal is to make something that looks like it comes off the page— like you could touch it.

Examples of sculptural drawing by Tim:


  • Block in
  • Rendering


In the block-in phase, you use lines and simple shading to:

  • Figure out proportions and placement
  • Design where everything goes on the page (composition)
  • Prepare for rendering

Things you\’ll draw

  • Simple 2D shapes
  • Simple 3D shapes
  • Complex 2D shapes
  • Complex 3D shapes
  • Still life
  • Basic cast
  • Bargues plates
  • Master copies
  • Portrait
  • Figure

Skills you\’ll learn

  • Angle transfers
  • Width / height proportions
  • Triangulation
  • Negative space / animal shapes
  • Pressure control


What you\’ll draw

  • Spheres
  • Simple 3D objects
  • Complex 3D objects
  • Basic cast
  • Portrait
  • Figure

Skills you\’ll learn

  • Value control (i.e. shading really lightly!)
  • Smooth shading
  • Understanding how things are shaped
  • How light works
  • Avoiding mistakes from optical illusions


How long will it take?